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  • Why Us

    Our work by its very nature, to cover up, adorn and beautify; can be found gracing many public and prominent places as well as behind closed doors in the households and work places of the successful and famous.
    It is our careful eye to detail, the thorough time-served knowledge of our craft, and our cost that determines our value to our clients. Whatever your veneered requirement, we look forward to exceeding your expectations with our product and service.

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  • About Veneering

    The ancient craft of veneering dates from the time before the Pharaohs. It is not as some people mistakenly imagine; a cheap way to gloss over poor workmanship or materials. Today, many fine examples of veneered work have endured hundreds and some even thousands of years.

    Wood veneering in its modern guise is the defining part of Cabinet Making that separates it from Joinery. Since the late 1600s /early 1700s cabinet makers...

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Welcome to our website. Here at Hillside we specialise in bespoke veneering, handmade furniture, laser cut veneers, bespoke kitchens and architectural veneering manufacturing an eclectic range of reception desks, burr walnut boardroom tables, curved veneered components and cruise liner furniture.

Please feel free to browse our superb collection today. If you would like information on our cruise liner furniture please contact us on 01204 373727, or alternatively use the contact form provided.

Veneering Definition

Veneering is the defining part of traditional Cabinet Making Craft that separates Cabinet Making from Joinery. It is also that which allows the embellishment of furniture far beyond the limited scope of solid wood alone.

Our Services

The majority of our production time is dedicated to the manufacture of bespoke veneered furniture components. We are experts at turning ideas into amazing projects. We work with everyone from huge Building and Architectural companies to private householders. Please have a look at "What We Do" and our "Gallery" to learn more.

The main-stay of our veneering service is the production of bespoke flat and curved wood veneered panels. We manufacture these usually from either MDF or Plywood and occasionally from chipboard; edged with solid wood lipped edges and then over-veneered with face and balancer veneers as appropriate.

Our biggest projects so far have been for Architectural Veneered Panels, these have adorned the walls and ceilings, staircases and landings of entrance foyers, lobbies, hallways, and rooms of; Companies, Households, Hotels, Concert Halls, Hospital Wards and Cruise ships.

Other bespoke veneered panel commissions are more frequently from Cabinet Makers, Shop Fitting and Joinery Companies, who require our specialised components for their projects.

Reception Desks - Boardroom Tables

We are pleased to offer a selection of reception desks and boardroom tables finished in either burr walnut, oak or mazur birch that would look prestigious and elegant in any reception or boardroom.

Bespoke Kitchens

Bespoke kitchens are the perfect answer if you have very definitive views of how you wish your kitchen to look. We work closely both with the designers, developers and the client to ensure that the bespoke kitchens meet with the clients aspirations.

Bespoke Veneering - Architectural Veneering Laser Cut Veneers

Here at Hillside, we offer over 60 years of experience in bespoke veneering and architectural veneering. We are able to offer curved veneered components for different curved elements within a project. Veneering is part of a traditional cabinet making craft that separates cabinet making from joinery. It also allows the embellishment of handmade furniture beyond the limited scope of solid wood alone.

Hillside Site Content Guide: The information in this Site shows the unique veneering craftsmanship skills here at Hillside. We showcase our work as manufacturers of bespoke veneering, handmade furniture, laser cut veneers, bespoke kitchens and architectural veneering. The Site features our veneered furniture including reception desks, burr walnut boardroom tables, curved veneered components, architectural veneered panels and cruise liner furniture.

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Hillside Veneers
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